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Target Shopkins

Target shopkins mystery edition 2 limited target exclusive 24 shopkins sealed box.

Shopkins Target

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Shopkins Mystery Edition 2

The shopkins are back and they are looking for their first mystery edition! This time they are getting pink! The colors are bright and colorful and they are sure to get some love! shopkins is back with another exclusive issue! In this issue, we get a sneak peak at another random 2 figures target exclusive product! our 24 shopkins get their own set of exclusive eggs this year! These eggs are gray and pink and come with a random 2 figure target exclusive. They are such unique and wonderfully unique animals that they sure make a great addition to any home's animal section! looking for a new figure to add to your shopkins collection? check out our exclusive target mystery figures! These new shopkins have been designed with your shop in mind! With their unique features and amazing abilities, they'll add an extra layer of excitement and excitement on top of your shopkins family. From the list of figure options, we know you'll find the right shopkins just as you need them. So pick your favorite group of shopkins and join the rest of your shopkins family today.