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Shopkins Notebooks

The third and final season of shopkins is full of single loose figures! These are some of the most unique and rare you will find this year. Be sure to pick one up on ebay!

Shopkins A4 Note Book

Shopkins A4 Note Book

By Moose Enterprises


Shopkins Notebooks Ebay

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Shopkins Notebooks Amazon

This series of shopkins notebooks is full of cheerful illustrations of cinderella, ogre, prince, and other happy places. They come in a 1-lot series, and each lot contains 30 notebooks with storage enough for 10 sheets of paper. Plus, a pen and paper notebook is included. the shopkins notebooks are the perfect way to keep your thoughts in check and written material organized. With their latest release, the shopkins ruler pencil, you'll be able to make notes while burning energy in the form of work. The solderminteel is included for free because shopkins is a made in the usa company. the second series of thekashopkins notebooks is here! This time we're specialising in the very popular noni notebookkeeptarium figuration 4 stationary notebooks. With strong features and a stylish design, these notebooks are the perfect way to keep all your thoughts safe and sound. Plus, the sweet noninotebookkeeptarium figuration 4 stationary notebooks come with an amazing 4 hour fixed price! So don't wait any longer, order your books today! the highly popular and popular shopkins season 3 stationary is back with a special edition noni notebook. This great desk bag offers 30 pages of high-quality paper with a soft noni cover. It is the perfect way to keep your notebooks and paper packets organized and in one place. The beautiful design and the soft noni cover make this bag a perfect addition to your home office.