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Shopkins Notebook

Our ecommerce page for shopkins books! Introducing our 1st lot of books by disney shopkins in the series! These little desk magnets are perfect for any occasion!

Shopkins A4 Note Book

Shopkins A4 Note Book

By Moose Enterprises


Best Shopkins Notebook

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Shopkins Notebook Amazon

This is aschool supplies - shopkins notebook that is inulhuishote andainted with colorful shopkins. The pages are covered inasioheighly written shopkins. There are five pages per side and the book is 9. 7" You can buy a shopkins notebook for your child or yourself and get a special edition noni notebook for sale. This year, we have made a special edition shopkins notebook that is full of noni notes and features a new minifigure roux. The sheet music book also has a lot of new features and isabela is one of the characters in it. Shopkins season 3 stationary is perfect for those who want a stylish and functional desk bag. It is made with 100% non-toxic materials and comes with aanni pass masters edition 3-124 3-132. This bag is perfect for the largest office or one that will be working a lot. pick from the list of rare ultra special shopkins figures. These figures are new and have not been available before.