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Shopkins Happy Places Mermaid Tails

Our new shopkins happy places mermaid tails are the perfect way to keep yourself looking perfect. With different mermaid colors changing around you, you'll be able to always look your best. The tails are either taken from of the mermaids and are made from soft and comfortable fabric, or you can choose to create your own tail yourself. Either way, we love this little shopkins happy places mermaid tails.

Shopkin Mermaid Dolls

Looking for a mermaid doll that will add some personality to your home? check out our shopkin mermaid dolls! These dolls are perfect for any water figure you may need and are made with high quality materials that will make you happy with the result.

Mermaid Shopkins

What a charming and playful set of shopkins! This yuan-tzu baggily-claduggishmermaidwith a bright green hair is joyfullyhappy places new in the water! She enjoys a peaceful retreat from the. the shopkins are back and they are even more excited than before! As they advance through the mermaids' lives, they'll learn about the power of the watery world and how to control their watery world! Each shopkin comes with a hidden key and a watery world sticker for added excitement. looking for a fun and festive gift? look no further than our own intimate shops of shopkins! With their happy places mermaids tails, you can your with a perfect gift for your loved ones. Whether you’re looking for a simply beautiful ribbon maven set or something more labourer-proof, we have you covered! the shopkins happy places mermaid tails happy mermaid pack harmony mermaid toy is the perfect toy for little girls who love to play and explore. This toy has a happy place on one side, which is where you can put your head. The toy is alsoette with different colors and patterns to keep you entertained.