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Shopkins Food Fair

Looking for a fun and easy to use candy jar set? look no further than these new shopkins food fairs 4 blind candles. These jar sets come with two figures, in a series of colors. Made of plastic and perfect for the food lover in your life, these sets make a great add-on to your child's collection of food fair items.

Shopkins Season 4 Food Fair

Food Shopkins

Introducing the newest addition to our food store, the food shopkins! These little beauties are perfect for any kitchen appetite, and they're made with durable plastic that will never let you down! So why not give them a try today?

Shopkins Food

The shopkins food fair is a new theme for your shopkins shop. It is a candy-based world where you can find shopkins food items. The collection of theme pack features new shows, mandy candy corn, and some of the best looking shopkins items. shopkins foods are the perfect example of why packaging needs to be at the top of your food series. With shopkins foods, you can have just as much or more control over your food as you can have over your clothes, and they come in a range of price points to match your own lifestyle. the shopkins fast food set comes with a lot of new features including: -A candy jar! How perfect for any person who loves to drop by the food fair and get their sweetened with every chance they get. -A shopkins! This toy is perfect for children who love to eat fast food. It comes with a built in tv show, and is even able to play music now. -2 shopkins! What more can a child want in a set? We think so, especially now that we have the shopkins fast food set. The theme for this year's event is "cool - the look and feel of merchantsylvania. get your tickets now and join us on monday october 10th from 10-12pm for a deliciousworth experience! We will be having a sale and available items arep= 1. Shopkins food fair 2. Fast food 3.