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Shopkins Camper

Shopkins is a new company that has developed a unique camper set that is filled with unique features. The set includes a sun umbrella, car, and camper. Overjoyed with the new features, shopkins customers can choose which one they want to use. The sun umbrella can be used as a shelter to protect from the sun, the car can be used as a transportation tool, and the camper can be used as a storage location. Whether you’re looking for the best way to use your camper set or just want to take some time out for fun, shopkins has you covered!

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Shopkins Rainbow Beach Camper

Looking for a fun andidas-approved way to enjoy a rainbow beach? check out our camper! Our kitty isi camper is the perfect addition to your next party, and is easy to set up and manage. You won't find a better way to enjoy a rainbow beach.

Happy Places Shopkins Campervan Playset

The shopkins are back and better than ever! This campervan is perfect for played with shopkins characters happy place and rainbow beach. The toy campervan has happy places all over it and is perfect for playing with shopkins characters. the shopkins happy places rainbow beach camper trailer is the perfect way to have a blast time all around at the beach. With different areas for gaming, runs, and exploration, the trailer is perfect for anyone looking for a fun filled summer term. this is a huge shopkins camper van with ten girls. The van has a grand mansion camper ice cream truck and ten girls. looking for a fun and easy summercamp experience? check out the shopkins happy places camper van! This van comes equipped with shopkins (a type of carkexeling creature) and open-air grocery store, all within a beach-side encampment. There's also a pool, sun lounger, and perfect for those who enjoy spending time with others. Whether you're singular to edge-of-your-seat excitement or just want a good old-fashioned break, the shopkins happy places are the perfect spot for you.