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Shopkins Activity Pages

Our new shopkins activity pages are the perfect way to add some sticker fun to shopkins. Biz store. Our packs include 40 stickers in different colors and styles, perfect for engaging with your customers about what they mean to you.

Shopkin Pages

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Shopkins Colouring Book

This shopkins coloring book is for children who love to color and paint. They will enjoy this book for the fun of it, as well as the pigment coloring book features 18 vibrant color stickers for them to use. There is also a selection of photo challenges and challenges to help the children learn and explore the major league baseball theme. looking for an fun and active way to keep track of your school years? look no further than the new shopkins real littles journals! This book-based journal is perfect for middle school students, with its many different filled-out pages and easy-to-use lockers/shops/note-taker/etc. shopkins is back with another great idea for activity files! This time they have got you covered with over 50+ stickers and stickers options! Some great options include jumbo stickers, large stickers, small stickers and many more! If you're looking for an interesting and fun activity to use in your shop, look no further than shopkins! shopkins is back and better than ever with her new activity book with trace. Shopkins will have lot of new ways to get active everywhere this year as she tells us about her work with the organization. From active products and services to her very personal account of how trace made her day, this book has it all.